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As the first De-Fi enabled banking platform, Scallop provides a simple and eloquent solution to this problem. The backend technology will instantly process each one of these transactions for the users, converting the cryptocurrency of their choice into fiat, immediately for vendors to receive, even if they don’t accept cryptocurrencies themselves for payments. Scallop Pay is the first ever regulated solution for this increasingly painful real world problem. Scallop will issue its users with a virtual or physical debit card which will enable these transactions over Scallop Pay, which users can use in exactly the same way that they use their current fiat cards. Scallop Pay will support the exchange of both cryptocurrency tokens and liquidity pool (LP) tokens staked in De-Fi protocols, so that wherever your tokens are in the crypto world, you still have easy access to them and the ability to use them instantaneously.

Audited Reports

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1 August 2021